Brindar con extraños (Parte 2)

Kevin Perkins Del 11 de enero al 11 de febrero 2021


Solo / Two Person Exhibitions 
2019 A Long Way From Home, Delphian Gallery, London 

Group Exhibitions 
2020 Food Nature, Rad Hourandi Foundation, Montreal 
2020 Phoenix, GalerieRompone, Cologne, Germany 
2020 Paintings in Paintings, Monteverita, Paris 
2019 Rude Assembly 4, Sydney 2019 Delphian x Guts, London 
2018 Landscape Show, The Loan Wolf Gallery, Sluice Art Fair, Berlin 
2018 C’est De La Peinture, Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester, UK 
2018 Hot & Sweaty, 500x Gallery, Dallas, TX 
2018 Presence, Curatorial & Co., Sydney 
2018 Personal Space 2, A.K. Bellinger Gallery, Inverell, Australia 
2018 Art on a Postcard, The Other Art Fair, London 
2018 Fool, Juice Box Gallery, Denver 
2018 Slightly Seared on the Reality Grill, Unit 5 Gallery, London 
2017 Print Swap, The Print Space, London 
2017 Welcome to the Human Experience…, Carlsberg ByensGalleri&Kunstsalon, Copenhagen 
2017 Obscurely Prophetic, Delphian Gallery, London 
2017 Got it for Cheap, Various Galleries, Traveling Show 
2017 Pleased to Meet You, Open Space Studios, Dallas, TX 
2017 Micro Salon #7, Galerie I’linlassable, Paris 

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